Wrapping up the Weekend-

Hey you all!!
The last few days have been busy-busy!!


I have still managed to keep my training totals up, even with every single session being at home/outdoor workouts this week.


I finally made it downtown to my favorite little coffee house this week. I spent a good portion of my afternoon at The Spot on Thursday, journaling gibberish while catching a good caffeine buzz. It has the coolest vibe and is just a great, chill atmosphere. I had a Sugar Free caramel latte with almond milk (for my fellow macro counters, this totals to an estimated 2P/5C/2F).


I guess you could say that Im a bit excited to have so many carb-free Monster options while being back in the states. (Please people, spare me the lecture of how energy drinks will rot my insides). We all have our guilty pleasures from time to time, at least Im not chasing it with Vodka; although a good vodka-tini does sound quite refreshing 🍸


Friday night, the whole family met up at Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. I LOVE their salad bar!! I do have to be careful, just because its on a salad bar does not make it macro-friendly. The pastas and croutons are a weakness that I have to be aware of. I allowed myself for about a 1/2 cup of pasta and I have a little thing that I do with croutons to make sure I don’t go overboard. I will pick up each crouton one by one, and by the time I am at 5 or 6, I feel pressure from the person behind me to movie it along 😂 Hey, whatever it takes!


Saturday morning I got up early and went for a quick 3 mile run, followed with  food prep for the weekend. My family eats out A LOT (5 meals on the weekend alone to be exact), and within 3 weeks of being here, I have dined out more than I have in the last year. No matter how healthy you order at a restaurant, it will never be as healthy as when you prepare it for yourself. Not only are the menu’s nutrition facts an estimated total; the few nibbles here and there from each appetizer, or the sodium filled condiments used to prepare your food, and the pure temptation alone can be overwhelming. So, this weekend I made the conscious decision to eat every meal at home.

Also on Saturday, I had a great friend/client take a trip across the stage for her very first bikini competition!! That deserves a whole separate blog entry in itself, so keep a lookout for that inspiring story!!!

Well, as I sit here typing away, I smell the aroma of bacon frying from my mothers kitchen. Im gonna go mix up some eggs with a side of asparagus and a coffee the size of my head.
Happy Sunday!!! Count your blessings!

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