Surgery Day…

Hey you all 🙂 Todays blog post is one that I contemplated revealing to everyone; however, after much thought, I decided that I would share this journey.

At the age of 20, I decided to get breast implants and now, I am going back for a second procedure which will entail switching from a Saline implant to a Silicone Gel, as well as, increase the overall size. (spare me your opinion if you don’t agree, this is my body and I will do what I want 😉)

I decided to share this journey because this surgery will force me away from weightlifting for 8 weeks. For someone that hasn’t taken over two days of rest in a row off for for years, an eight week hiatus will be an extremely difficult physically and mentally.
I am not too worried about losing muscle. It takes about 3 to 6 months for you to lose your muscle size. The muscle fibres no longer need to store the same amount of energy, so they shrink in order to reduce energy wastage. When reactivated, they can return to their original size fairly quickly. Muscle Memory.
Nutrition will be everything for the next few weeks. Everyone has heard that abs are made in the kitchen, or you can’t out train a bad diet. These words speak absolute truth. Due to the fact that I can’t lift for eight weeks. I will be meticulously counting each macro.

So, it you’re interested in seeing how the body responds to diet alone, then continue to follow as I share my  nutrition throughout recovery.

Off to surgery 😷

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