Post-Op: Day 1

Hey you all! Happy Friday!!

My morning began around 7am and I had breakfast at the hotel. I really wanted a waffle, but remember, the next 8 weeks I can’t workout, so a clean diet is crucial.

I had 2 hard boiled eggs (minus the yolk), 1/2 of a wheat english muffin and 1 Tbsp of peanut butter.
I spent a couple of hours this morning completing client check-ins from the bed while icing up ❄️ and waiting for my post-op appointment.

My appointment with the surgeon was great. We were both pleased at the unveiling of his work 😉


Soon after, mom and I were back on the road, headed home. I couldn’t ask for a better caretaker than my mama. She makes certain that I take all of my medicines on time, keeps my ice bags constantly filled and makes certain that Im not lifting anything I shouldn’t.💜 Moms make the best nurses.

I was prescribed walking by my surgeon at the top of every hour, so for our ride home, this meant a handful of pit stops. At stop number one, after my walk, I had meal number 2:  Ground turkey and broccoli with a mix of potatoes and brown rice with almonds.

At stop number two, I had a snack: Carrots with the other Tbsp. of my peanut butter pack with a sprite zero.


After getting home I had dinner and a protein bowl:


My evening was spent in bed working on programming for clients…

I am so thankful for my mom and that my pain is at a minimum!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

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