Hey you all!! The weekend is over for most and its back to the Grind. I hope everyone will face the week with confidence and a positive mindset!
For those that constantly look at Monday as a fresh start, to begin a training program, a diet, or any new task; that day is today!!! Stick to your goals this week, so you won’t have to keep repeating the cycle each week! Begin today, continue throughout the week, and if you stumble, dust yourself off and keep going. Quit using Monday as a reset button. 

My weekend was fairly low key. Since my surgery, I have spent most of my time  working from my bed and catching up on Netfix 😁  I have felt really great so far, except for yesterday, I spent a lot of the day feeling nauseous and couldn’t shake my tension headache.


This morning I woke up feeling good and began the day with breakfast🍴 Eggs and brown rice scrambled in coconut oil with avocado and coffee ☕️


After breakfast I completed 25 air squats, which felt like 100 due to my muscles being super fatigued from muscle relaxers… Baby Steps👣



For my surgery, I had to remove all polish from my fingernails and toenails. For weightlifting purposes I always keep fairly short nails, but they are ALWAYS painted. I picked up this sample pack from T.J. Maxx the day before my surgery to last me until I could get a nail appointment. So, painting my fingernails was the biggest task of my day.



As I mentioned before, weightlifting is out of the question for 6-8 weeks; therefore, nutrition is everything. The post-op medications that I am taking have definitely created digestion complications, so I will be cutting out wheat, most grains and dairy for the next few weeks.


I hope you all have an amazing week!! Do something this week that you can hold your head high for 🌸

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