Hey Everyone!!

Well, today marks one week since my surgery. Recovery is going great. I have been so fortunate that my pain has been extremely minimal, to be honest, almost non-existent. My only nuisance thus far has been my stitches. My first surgery, my incisions were made underneath the breast, so this time, the same incision sight was traced to prevent further scaring, and the location can become a bit irritated toward the ladder part of the day. 

The last two days I finally ventured out of the house. My mane was in desperate need of some attention, so my sister was kind enough to share her  appointment time and her hairstylist with me💜 Omgosh, I adored her hairstylist!! She was the sweetest, cutest thing and did an amazing job on my highlights 💁 

Today, was my first day driving and mom and I did some running around town. I was on a mission to find a new sports bra. Since increasing my cup size, finding a bra that has a circumference small enough to fit my torso, has been a bit of a challenge, but I finally found one 😁


The highlight of my day was a Skype session with the bestie. We haven’t seen each other in over year. I was hoping to get to meet up with her while here in the states, but my schedule isn’t allowing for it 😩 

While wrapping up the last few days, I am beyond pleased with my physical recovery, but I will be honest- mentally, it is a bit of a struggle. Not being able to workout is a tough task for me. No way would I risk sabotaging my surgery, so any physical exertion is out of the question, but it is extremely difficult. 
Each day, I add in a few more air squats and stationary lunges and next week, I will incorporate low intensity walking in the morning while the temperature is still cool enough to prevent sweating (until my stitches are removed).

While I manage to keep my nutrition in check, there are days of course that I consume more than I am able to burn. I have to remind myself this was a choice, these are the consequences, and in the end, a few additional pounds won’t sabotage my overall goals. 


I will say, this downtime is allowing for creation of an extensive training program for myself, that in 6 weeks, I will be more than eager to slay!

Happy Humpday Y’all !!!!!

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