The Weekend-

Hey Everyone!! I hope you all are having an amazing weekend! 

Every morning for me begins the same way. Coffee ☕️ and a snap filter. I still don’t snapchat, but I absolutely love the filters. 


The weekend has been great. I finally got my first post-op cardio session in Friday morning. It was cool out because there was an overcast, so I didn’t worry about getting too sweaty. Granted, it was only 15 minutes and my heart rate never broke 125 bpm, but mentally, that 15 minutes was everything!!

Even though I am still confined to a sports bra, as of today, I finally am able to put the button-ups away and go over the head 🙆 Yay!

As For Training….My workouts for now still only consist of body weighted air squats and lunges. Each day the totals are slightly increased and I am currently at 200 per session.


Nutrition is still being tracked meticulously. It is hard-Extremely hard. I am at an irritatingly low caloric intake being that my competition was only 6 weeks ago, and I am now unable to train or complete cardio. To put this into perspective, think about this….The week before my competition I was at an extremely low caloric intake and spending at a minimum, an hour and a half on each workout, along with an hour of cardio a day. Now, at only 6 weeks out from that, AND post-surgery, I have not been able to reverse diet long enough for my body to acclimate to an increased macro count, nor am I able to complete cardio or weightlift, so my body, if I’m not extremely careful, will add fat immediately if given the chance. There are days where I don’t hit each macro count perfectly, but with each day it gets easier to get back into the routine.


Yesterday, was a girls day…

and we spent the entire day shopping.

When unpacking the car, I realized that I may have a shoe addiction. 
Before moving to Korea almost five years ago, I gave away every piece of clothing that I owned, every pair of shoes and handbag, except for what I could fit into two suitcases. To get an idea of how much that was, my closet was 20′ X 20′ and stacked to the maximum. So, I think my husband will agree that over the last four years, I have been giving it my best to rebuild and revamp 👠👟👢


The rest of my weekend will consist of client check-ins and catching up on my reading material.


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