Hello Monday 💜

Its a New week! New opportunities!! New goals!! New blessings!!

My morning began with much needed coffee in my new mug ☕️💀

Mom and I planned a trip over to Georgia today to hit up Hobby Lobby and Party City to grab must haves for my nieces baby shower in a few weeks 💙

Keeping it casual in my super soft model citizen tee from Etsy.


I knew that we would be out and about during lunch, so I packed a meal that would keep me from chick-fil-a 😛
(rice and shrimp sautéed in coconut oil, topped with almonds)


This afternoon I got in my daily squat and lunge session. #airsquatharderthanme 😝
I was glad to see I still show signs of a baby tricep after not lifting in what seems like months!


For the evening I am cooking eggplant that I will mix with ground turkey and top with organic pasta sauce, to be followed with a vanilla protein bowl (recipe provided in the video below).

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 3.07.59 AM




Happy Monday!!!! 

Be productive! Set Goals!! Chase Dreams!!! 😘

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