Hey you all!!! I’m back after a week long break from blogging.
So lets recap… 

To start off my week…..
Monday marked 2.5 weeks since my surgery so I went to my Dr. and had my stitches removed. This means, I can sweat!!! Have you ever met a girl so excited about sweating?! I still can’t lift weights or do any type of cardio that requires pulling, pushing or pressing overhead, or bouncing ☺️ but I was cleared to take it outdoors in the 90 degree weather! So that is exactly what I did..I took a trip to the beach 😁 I guess I should clarify that it was more for business, but I did manage to bury my toes in the sand a couple of times☀️


My condo was absolutely stunning! It had an indoor pool which was perfect seeing that I can’t be in a swimsuit in the sun as of yet, so it was nice to lounge by the pool in the air conditioning, yet with an outside vibe 👙🌴


I did find a cardio room that I was able to sneak off to for some morning cardio.
(Oh my, these skinny stilts 😂 thank God for muscle memory..3 more weeks🙏)

I did prep food for the drive down, but I had no idea that I would end up staying a bit longer, so with Chick-Fil-A being next door and Panera Bread just down the road I literally ate Market Fresh Salads for every meal 🍎🌱🍓


In between business, cardio and salads, this was my first week back to classes as well 📚. I am fortunate that throughout this semester I will have to spend minimal time on campus now that I do not have a single lab left 🔬 Woo-Hoo!!!! That is so exciting!!!

A few random selfies…


Now that I am back home (a.k.a. alabama- my home for the summer) and the weekend is coming to an end, its time to get ready for an awesome week ahead. More time with my mama and sister 💜

Wake up being thankful that you did and lay your head down at night with a grateful heart. Life is so so good. God is so so good.

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