A New Week…

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend!


How many headed into the week like this 😂 I had a successful weekend, however I did opt to use my cheat meal today which was made up of a pack of chocolate poptarts and almond milk, so Delsih!


My morning began with a workout:
1.5 mile power walk
400M walking lunge
1.5 mile power walk
400M walking lunge
100 air squats


Mom and I went grocery shopping today. I missed our daily selfie-snaps being gone last week. 👭

I literally had nothing to eat in my cabinet when I got back home. I had eggs for every meal for two days with veggies that I stole from my moms freezer. When you’re eating for a purpose, you really don’t care what your food sources are as long as you hit your totals 🍳.
As soon as we got in from the grocery store, I made a salad the size of my face. After eating market fresh salads for every meal last week at the beach, you would think that I would be tired of it..not when it looks like this! 🍎🌱🍎

I spent a good portion of the afternoon wrapping up client check-ins and skimming over my school lessons for the week 📚
After dinner, which was eggs and broccoli, mom and I took it outdoors for a 3 mile power stroll.
I had a protein icecream bowl, stalked instagramers for a while and called it a night.

It was a good day – A great day to begin a great week!

Happy Monday!!

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