Good Morning ☕️

Drinking out of one of my faves this morning. I have always been obsessed with Hard Rock. The Café, the Hotel, the Casino, Rehab. I make certain to visit it everywhere I go. i absolutely L-O-V-E it!! (and this winged eyeliner on snap this morning too 😍)

While sipping my caffeine this morning and scrolling through Insta, I came across one of my clients, Kimberly. She is 8 weeks into her first competition prep and slaying in every since of the word. Seriously, look at these delts💪 

Today has been a fairly low key day. 

After catching a coffee buzz, I hit the pavement for a morning cardio session. I woke up with my GLUTES KILLING after all of the walking lunges in yesterday’s workout 😳 It feels so good though to feel muscle soreness once again!!  

I spent most of my day doing homework📚 I had to incorporate a Fine Arts class this semester that I have been putting off; however, being that this is my last semester while in Europe, I figured I would take History of Western Art. I found it quite rewarding when I took Western Civilization l & ll and was able to see first hand much of the architecture that I studied. 


The Colosseum. One of my cherished memories of Rome. Reading and studying of the architecture, the brutality, the hierarchy – and then having the experience of walking the steps of the most recognizable of Rome’s Classical buildings- my God, the blessing🙏 

Some snaps of some of today’s menu:


This evening we (myself, mom and sister) took it out for our usual evening stroll…


Followed with more lettuce wraps, broccoli salad and a protein ice-cream bowl, and the last scrapings of my peanut butter 😫


Wrapping up my day today,my heart breaks💔

Some of us have no idea what true suffering is at this moment. Maybe we don’t all have the means to donate, or a way to help, but we all have the ability to pray. God, may your hand be upon these people in this time of trouble🙏🏻

Happy Tuesday you all!! 

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