Morning Y’all!
This morning immediately after coffee ☕️ I had a pre-workout fruit smoothie: strawberries🍓 banana🍌 and almond milk


Today was my first upper body workout since my surgery (Yay!!!) 💪
My little purse pistols👛🔫 completed a workout with 5 LB purple dumbbells😝

Thank God for muscle memory🙏🏻 Give me a few more weeks and I should have a good transformation Tuesday comparison 💪🏼💪🏼


After my workout I had breakfast which was egg whites, apple slices and almonds and then mom and I took a trip to town and picked up some groceries.

💜could I please have these snap filtered eyelashes always 💜


I spent the afternoon reviewing my upcoming school lessons for the week and checking in with clients 📚

Client Spotlight: Kimberly 

This is my client Kimberly. I have been coaching Kimberly for 9 weeks now. She follows each workout that I prescribe for her and she meets her macros that I prescribe within 5 grams every single day. She dropped weight extremely fast within the first 2 weeks. For the last month her weight has been stagnate. She was often aggravated, but when comparing her measurements and realizing she had lost over a foot in total inches and began seeing oblique definition in her progress photos, she never decided to throw in the towel because of what the scale said. This week she cracked those numbers and felt proud. 
This is not an easy lifestyle. To lose weight in general is hard, but to train for a competition is a true testament to dedication. So for those that get discouraged because the scale doesn’t show a loss, don’t stop! Progress is being made 💪


Happy Tuesday!!

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