Happy Hump-Day!

Immediately upon waking this morning, I was making coffee and getting ready to head to my nieces school with my mom for the annual book fair.

This school is so unreal! Each section has a unique theme and each hall is labeled with road signs and an individual theme to help the little ones with memorization. It has definitely changed since my hay-day! The girls were so excited to see mom and I there. We went to the book fair and of course they worked their hustle on grand-ma for extras 📚 The books were so fun! I found one that I had to fight myself not to buy- paper dolls!! It was a blast. I am thankful that I have got to experience some of these things with them while I have been visiting this summer 🙏


After, mom and I had some running around town to do and of course we got some snaps in between…


I managed to stop by my favorite spot for a latte and a quick journal entry before heading home to complete homework for the rest of my evening📚


Some of todays menu: Lettuce Wraps, Fruity Slaw Mix, Salmon and Kale Chips


This afternoon while emailing with some clients. I had two separate emails from different individuals who informed me that they deviated from their programmed macros. One was slightly over in carbs, and one just completely went into binge mode. These are things that occasionally happen. One day of overeating will not derail your progress, just like one day of healthy eating won’t give you 6-pack abs. While these slip ups can’t become a habit, a single slip up is not something to beat yourself up over. The main thing when you make these mistakes is to get right back on track and not allow yourself to go into complete F@#k it mode. So many people that mess up mid-week will get disappointed in themselves and tell themselves that the week is screwed, so Monday will be a fresh start. This pattern of inconsistency and yo-yoing is what sets people up for disaster, causing excess weight gain and reeking havoc to your metabolism.
If you mess up, get up, shake it off and get right back on track!!!!


Following dinner, I completed a bicep and shoulder workout using 8 LB dumbbells- up 3 more pounds (insert total excitement 😁) and then mom and I got in our daily 3 miles and now its time for a protein ice-cream bowl and bed 😴


Happy Wednesday you all!! Count your blessings 🙏


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