good morning bed heads ☕️

Mom and I were up super early and we took my nieces to school. I came back home and got in a quick fasted cardio session that called for a pullover, Brrr it was 50 degrees this morning❄️



After, I worked on a paper for a couple of hours and then headed to Topher’s Wings to meet one of my girlfriends for lunch. 

I had the salad bar with blackened chicken strips. It was satisfying, yet light. 


After lunch, mom and I went running around town and I snagged up a colossal of super posh martini glasses for super cheap. I love a good bargain and a good martini….glass! 🍸🍸🍸

Mid-day- Coffee #2 ☕️

and then back to topher’s for dinner with my sister and another girlfriend.
While the salad bar is decent, it basically comes down to- this is a town in between where I lived previously and my moms town, so it is a common ground  for meeting up with friends.


My evening ended with finalizing details for my final race of the 2017 season in order to complete my European Tri-fecta. It should be an interesting 15+ mile race after coming off of recovery😝 I do imagine my cardio endurance has decreased significantly and my upper body strength has definitely taken a cut (🔪literally) 😜, but even if it means coming in dead last (which is a good possibility) I will never look back with regrets of not completing it!

Now its time for a protein bowl and bed. 

Happy Thursday!!!😁 
Count your blessings for all of the good today and all to come tomorrow 🙏 

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