Mornin’ y’all 😘 Its Friday!


Coffee as usual to start the day ☕️ followed by a morning cardio session that included running!! OK, maybe jogging, but still…there was bouncing involved 😁 I probably ran a total of 1 mile out of the 4 completed, so I was super stoked!!!


Following cardio I had a blueberry, vanilla protein smoothie while catching up on homework and client check-ins

*1 scoop of BPI vanilla protein powder, 1 cup of blueberries, 1 cup of vanilla almond milk, 1 cup of ice and blend*

For lunch I met one of my closest friends in the world for lunch at my favorite local joint, the spot. We laughed and reminisced about our crazy teen years over a chicken-salad salad. She is that friend that I have experienced everything in life with. The one that has been there through all the things… Its always so great to catch up.

After lunch I scooped up mom and a monster and we did some running around town. 

This evening we headed to dinner at Cracker Barrel where I had a grilled chicken salad. I always take my own salad dressing every time I go out to eat anywhere. If you are in a predicament for something healthy on the menu- almost everywhere offers salads of some kind. Salad dressings are where most people add unnecessary calories, so having your own can save you from disaster 👌


After more homework my late night meal consisted of cauliflower rice and turkey sausage, followed with a protein bowl.

Now its time for bed to rest up for a full day tomorrow 😴

Happy Friday Friends!!!! Do something this weekend that your future self will thank you for😘

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