The Weekend-

 I hope you all have had an amazing weekend!!

My Saturday morning began with coffee and planning the day with my sister👭

We decided to take a trip to Collinsville, AL Trade Day. Its one of the largest outdoor markets in the south. When you have the pleasure of visiting trade day you realize that you are definitely in small town Alabama. It is nothing short of fabulous (yee-haw).  They have vendors that sell antiques, collectibles, clothes, boots, anything you could ever need for fishing and hunting, guns, fresh fruit and vegetables, furniture, tools, chickens, dogs, pigs, goats and the list goes on!! They also have several food vendors making all sorts of tasty treats from homemade ice cream, fresh lemonade, hand dipped corn dogs, boiled peanuts,  authentic mexican food and of course hamburgers, hotdogs and funnel cakes. 
We managed to walk away with some Yeti straws, lipstick and a lemonade💄🍋

After, we took it to Applebees for lunch for a full on cheat day (insert total excitement!) I haven’t allowed myself an all out cheat meal over the last few weeks with my training be minimal, just small indulgences here and there, but with my time in the states coming to an end, an American bacon cheeseburger was a must! It was absolutely amazing!!!

We had so much fun spending the day together! I adore my sister 💜



Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday were spent online with clients checking in and wrapping up homework for the week📚

As always, my clients all make me so proud!! I love receiving posts and emails of their progression! Not only do they keep me inspired, they all have followers that they inspire through their posts and social medias.  #proudcoach

This has been an amazing weekend🙏 I am so blessed beyond words. I love that I have been able to spend quality time with my family💛💜💚

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 4.30.22 AM.png

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