A Whirlwind…

Hey you all!!! I feel like I have been m.i.a. forever!!!
The last five days have been a whirlwind!!!

Wednesday began getting ready for my trip back to Italy…

We had a girls day that began with hair appointments, followed with lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and the evening was spent catching up on laundry and packing.

Mom and I left out early Thursday morning- heading north toward Nashville to the airport. My Alabama summer vacation has come to an end 😭.

But not before pulling over at Jacks for some coffee and a couple of farewell snaps📷

This by far has been the greatest visit back that I have ever had since moving away form home. Perhaps its because I was able to spend the entire summer, or maybe its just because I literally spent every single day with my mom and sister 😉


My mom, sister and I have always been extremely close, so living so far away from them is hard on all of us; however, being home for so long has allowed us to catch up and grow an even tighter bond and make some crazy stories that will last a lifetime!! 💜❤️


My layover (in Philly) was fairly short- just enough time to get in a homework assignment and then I was off for an overnight flight. I was able to sleep almost the entire flight (thank God) being that Im not 3 days out from a competition (like the flight in), and didn’t have to consume a gallon of water. Also, I prepped my food for the flight but unfortunately, I made the poor decision of adding onions to my meal, and I could smell the aroma in my bag without even getting out the container (I wasn’t gonna be that person), so, I snacked on some mixed nuts and nibbled on the yogurt offered with the in-flight breakfast that I configured to be an estimated: 20 grams of protein, 80 grams of carbs, 15 grams of fat (No thanks!!) All of that sugar, at that elevation, I would’ve had cankles as round as softballs!😳

So, I landed, grabbed my bags and while customs took a good hour and half, I was just glad to have my feet on the ground. My girlfriend Kerri-anne and her sweet little nugget scooped me up and home I went….

and then…the whirlwind begins 💨

I tried to message my husband and my mom to let them know that I was safe and sound and… nothing..my phone was off- “No big deal, I will shoot them a message when I get home.”

I get home and poor baby J (thats the sweet little nugget) is teething, and let’s just say that she did not want to hang around. I waved Kerri-anne off and told her if for some reason my car wouldn’t crank, I would shoot her a message through Facebook. (to back pedal, I had offered to do Keri’s hair and makeup for the military ball to be held that evening).

Well, I get my 60 pound bag carried up two flights of stairs (mind you, I am only up to 10 pound dumbbells at this point and 6 weeks post surgery😳) I dig out my laptop to ease, what Im sure is a worried mothers mind and… nothing…no internet either.

Ok, well Im starving, and when I open up my cabinets there is a pack of instant oatmeal and a pack of hot sauce, perfect combo!! (this is not sarcasm either, I really do love oats and hot sauce, so it was a perfect appetizer for the Gyro I had my mind set on). I dug up some spare Euro I had and off I went…and…Nothing..my battery is dead 😫

All I can think is, “my phone is off, my internet is out, my car battery is dead, oh yeah, my hot water is out so I can’t wash off the airport funk, and my mom and husband are starting to worry at this point.” Oh, S#!T, I am supposed to be at Kerri-annes in two hours to get her gussied up and I have no way to let her know that my car is dead, “what do I do?” Well, Im sure as heck not gonna leave her hanging on the night of the ball 👠👗. So, I laced up Nikes and loaded up a rucksack: a flat iron, a curling iron, hairbrushes, combs, hair pins, and make-up, basically, the bathroom sink- and off I went.

When I said that I was going to add running back into the mix this week, I had no intention of it being (just short of) a half marathon, with a good 8 to 10 pounds strapped on my back😆.  (Well, I guess race training has officially started again 😉)


Well, we got Keri dolled up (she looked stunning), and her and her precious husband on the way to ball, dropped me off and jumped my car 💜

The next 3 days…

Literally, every second of the days to follow were spent finding internet anywhere I could until I could get someone out to get mine in order (Italians don’t like to work on the weekends). Did I mention among the whirlwind that I was in the middle of mid-terms for all of my classes??!! Yeah… I cried a lot, cussed a lot, and prayed a lot -and by the grace of God, managed to come out of it all with A’s and B’s 😁🙏


Now… I am ready to get back to normalcy (for a few weeks at least), and get to grinding on this new training program (insert ALL of the excitement!!!!!)

Back to my tiny downtown apartment and cobblestone roads💜

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