Back in Italy-

Buon Giorno from Italy 🇮🇹 

Coffee as usual to begin the mornings ☕️.

Mornings are definitely different in comparison to being at my moms. For the last 3 months I have woken to the sound of puppy feet and my sisters blowdryer (aw, 😪 I miss them so so much already)


For now its back to the patio for breakfast and lunch ☀️

Trips to the coffee shop are taking up a good part of my afternoons 📚

(yes, its awful that I am drinking a Starbucks in Italy for $3 when I can get the best coffee in the world for .50€ but I need the wifi 😕)

The highs of yesterday and today have hands down been the gym!!! Now that I am seven weeks post-op, I can do any exercises I choose😁 Of course my weights will be super light and most movements will be scaled for a few weeks, but the excitement cannot be explained!!!
Yesterday’s workout was a full body combination:
Lat Pulldowns, 
Tricep Presses, 
Leg Extensions, 
Upright Rows, 
BB Curls
, DB Shoulder Presses, 
Side Laterals, 
AB Ball Crunches 
& Planks. 

I woke up today with ridiculously sore Abs and it made me so happy 😁 Todays workout focused solely on lower body and I threw a little cardio in the mix. It really feels so good to be back in the gym!!

After the gym this evening, I hopped in the shower and recognized that I had lost a toenail due to my two hour ruck on Friday 😩 At least there was a baby nail underneath, so Im not at a complete loss- I guess this just means a pedicure is in store 😉

Its good to be getting back in a routine, but I definitely miss my family (and my husband 😪) Not much longer and he will be back with me and we will be planning our next adventure!!!


Have an amazing week!! 💜

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