Good Morning!! I can’t believe its Wednesday already! 


I am definitely still adjusting to time. I was up until around 2am and woke at 1pm.  A specific schedule isn’t really of great importance right now, so thankfully its not that stressful.


I got in a light cardio session on the eliptical this morning and then I had breakfast on the patio: eggs, mixed peppers and avocado

I took a trip to the coffee shop after breakfast and checked-in with clients

I refused to pay $3 for a coffee this morning, so I opted for a $1.50 green tea. (Meh, I should’ve paid the extra 😝)
Check-ins are so motivating! I Love my clients!!! 💜

When I got home from my errands, my internet was back on, Praise the Lord!!!! 🙌  I messaged with my mama for a while and we of course had to share the newest snap filters (its just not the same without her 😕 )


I could do without the goofy hat, but my gosh, these lashes!!!!! 💜 
I have so many girlfriends that get their lashes done religiously and they look absolutely amazing! I gave it a shot one time and after two weeks my eyes were itching like crazy. Im not sure if thats because I had a sensitivity to the product (although after 2 weeks that doesn’t make sense) or if it was just time to have them touched up. I said I would never do it again, but these filters get me rethinking it ☺️ 
**I literally just took time away from this blog entry to message my girlfriend AJ that is queen of the lash game to get her input 😝


I spent a good amount of time sitting on the patio this afternoon counting my blessings 🙏

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 4.35.37 AM.png


This evening I had a chocolate protein waffle topped with peanut butter before hitting the gym.

My workout focused on upper body. While I am not doing chest-specific movements, many of the movements do integrate the chest muscles. I am keeping the weights fairly light with a higher rep scheme.
My night was wrapped up as usual with a protein bowl

Happy Humpday!!

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