A New Week Ahead…

Hey you all!!! Its time to wrap up the weekend-


Greens and eggs to get the mornings going πŸŒ±β˜€οΈ


After breakfast, most of my mornings were consumed with homework and programming. I had a full weekend of assignments Β and client check-ins πŸ“š.

Saturday I had a β€œreal” workout! It was a workout full of power cleans and deadlifts πŸ’ͺ I can’t even describe the feeling! Granted, it began with an empty barbell and my max set was at 65#, but moving a bar with a quickness felt Ah-Mazing!!!! Coming back from a surgery is definitely humbling!!! My deadlift is 200 pounds shy of my previous max and my pull ups aren’t even pull ups- they’re more like banded dead hangs, but hey… it won’t take too long πŸ˜‰ the body is an amazing machine!!



Sundays workout was much less intense- a combo of cardio and strict presses.


My meals made for some pretty photo opts 😍



Well, as of tonight, my face seems to be shedding its final layer- so tomorrow I will be definitely be getting out of this apartment!! These walls are closing in on me!!


Heres to a new week ahead!!!


Wake up tomorrow morning with the intent of becoming your best self this week πŸ™. See the good, be grateful and realize your blessings! God is so good!

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