Good Morning 💗

Coffee and breakfast on the patio to get the day going ☀️
(with freshly painted paws💅)

I have been going to the gym late in the evenings, so today I decided to switch it up and go first thing this morning. I did an overall upper body workout followed with a low intensity cardio session.

I am so thankful that my cuts are still fairly evident. There is definitely a bit of a winter coat covering, but a few more weeks and I should be back to where I prefer to be in the off season.

A good portion of my day was spent at the computer completing a 5 page paper that I didn’t even have a rough draft for yet 😕 I enjoyed the topic so it wasn’t too terrible.



I didn’t really have time in between writing to cook any protein and didn’t have food prepped, so packaged tuna tossed on a salad was lunch and dinner.


After my paper was complete I decided to head back to the gym. My intention was to get in a HIIT session and Abs, but instead I got in another lifting session. I did another upper body session that consisted mainly of cable work and I did manage to get in a few ab exercises.

These baby biceps and shoulder caps are slowly trying to make an appearance once again💪

I got home from the gym and it was 1am and once again I didn’t feel like cooking-  I had a bowl of oats the size of my head 🍚, a protein waffle and a big glass of almond milk.

Now its 3am and time for bed 😴 Happy Hump-Day!!

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