Good Morning! 


My day began with a cappuccino at Café Centrale with my girlfriend Keri-anne and her little nugget ☕️


Today’s grunginess was inspired by 80′s Heavy Metal 🎶

I skipped the gym today. Well actually, I pulled up to the gym, and pondered what I was going to do since every inch of my body was sore, and decided to call it an off day. I forgot about my double session on Wednesday and with legs being yesterday, it was a good call. So, I scooted down to the grocery store and picked up essentials (really just hot sauce) and headed home.


I spent a good amount of the afternoon doing homework and then decided to take a walk downtown to grab some sushi to-go.

This weather makes deciding what to wear a task in itself. Sleeves or no sleeves, jacket or no jacket. So, a super thin long sleeve tee with a cinched jacket (just in case) and a scarf (for no reason at all).
I trucked it down to the sushi restaurant and of course they were closed (I don’t know the eye roll emoji). So….I grabbed a couple of pizza🍕 slices for my weekly cheat meal and home I went.
I spent the evening sending out client check-ins, followed with a couple of episodes of Lost and now its time to call it a night.

Happy Friday!!

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