Good Morning & Happy Sunday!


I started my morning off with coffee and a green smoothie on the patio ☕️🌱☀️


I worked on client check-ins and programming for most of my morning📚 then slipped on my lifters 👠 (for the first time in 8 weeks) and had a pretty descent leg session. I finished off my last set of high-bar back squats with a rep scheme of 5×4 at 85#. The weight is slowly increasing (patience is a virtue🙏).


Following my leg workout, I had a bite of breakfast🍴


and then worked on editing my latest youtube tutorial: How to make High- Protein, Low-Carb Waffles:

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 10.04.51 AM


For lunch I had a salad the size of my head🌱🌱🌱


and my afternoon consisted of sitting at the computer getting homework completed 📔


Today marks the beginning of a new week and a new month. I choose to make it a great one! I am so blessed and live a life that I never could have imagined in my wildest dreams. This month holds so many more great opportunities and blessings, and I will make certain that my eyes and heart are open and accepting to each one 💜

Happy Sunday!! 💋

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