Good morning y’all ☕️

Over my morning coffee, I took time to reflect upon my blessings and open my mind to a week full of new ones as well 🙏 I will create an amazing week💗


To jumpstart the day (and digestion), I blended up a green drink consisting of Spinach, Kale, Coconut Water and Coconut Oil. The nutrients in combination support healthy skin, hair, and bones (yes please). The fiber content enhances digestion and contributes to cardiovascular health, all the while improving glucose control, lowering the risk of cancer and is an excellent source of antioxidants, calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C, iron and potassium. In my opinion, it really is the best thing that you can offer your body first thing in the morning🌱


After my Hulk juice, I proceeded with a light upper body workout using only the barbell, followed with some cardio.

Breakfast was about as basic as it gets today, oatmeal and eggs.

I had errands to run in town so I packed my gym bag to get in a workout after running around. I spent a little too long browsing, so when it was time to head to the gym, my breakfast had worn off and my belly was growling like crazy. I stopped in the convenient store and grabbed me up a quest bar and a coffee☕️

My workout was a good one. I focused on shoulder caps and rear delts.


A little afternoon snap with my mama (who I miss so so much)💜

Now it is time for dinner (ground turkey, cauliflower, and sweet potato) and an episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race (omg, Rupaul is the best!!)

Happy Monday!! 💋

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