Support Your Girls…

I went shopping for sports bras today and I have to say, it’s not always an easy task. The multitudes of bras to choose from can be overwhelming! Not only do you have to take into consideration the size and fit, but the activities that you will be performing are just as important. A correct fit will allow for comfort, all the while minimizing “spillage” and movement of the breasts. A good material that wicks moisture away from the skin to prevent chafing and irritation is just as important.

When trying on sports bras it is important to do a few mimicking movements of your workouts. If you are a runner, jog in place or do some jumping jacks. If you are a weightlifter, perhaps some push-ups. A good judge of motion control is lifting the arms overhead. If the band below the breast shifts at all, it is an incorrect fit in the torso. If your breasts on the side aren’t fully covered and it creates what we girls refer to as, “armpit fat” then your cup size is too small.

Just because a sports bra squeezes your ‘girls’ and flattens them down, this is not supported. Compression bras, those that tend to flatten the breast and look more like a crop top are intended for low impact exercising (Yoga, Pilates) and are more suitable for the small breast gals. Then, you have sports bras with a built-in cup (capsulation style) that provides support for each individual breast. These bras are most suitable for the larger chested female.

Ladies we have ligaments in our chest that can be stretched and broken, resulting in irreversible sagging. So while I am the biggest ‘supporter’ of letting the girls roam free, when working out, wrap em up and support those babies.

Below I have shared my top 3 picks:

Lululemon Enlite Bra:
Best for: C-DD
Yes, the price is shocking, but for large-breasted ladies, the absence of clasps and fastenings diminish the discomfort of having anything digging into the skin, just soft support allowing full, deep breathing. $98,

The “Tiffany” from Chestee:
OK, I initially ordered this particular one based on its name, but its performance had me coming back for more!
Ideal for high impact, it is a high-functioning garment and provides the maximum amount of coverage and protection for high intensity barbell work. $62,

Sweaty Betty Ultra Run:
one of the most flexible bras on this list, literally. The back can be changed from a U-shape to a racerback, it fits up to a D-cup, has padded shoulder straps, and is a best-seller for the Sweaty Betty brand. $65,

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