Today was a rest day from the gym, so I didn’t get up and moving too quickly. I had my morning coffee while scrolling through Pinterest❤️


Breakfast was a chocolate, green drink: 🌱🍫
kale, spinach, dark unsweetened cocoa, almond milk & Coconut Oil



I had to go on campus today and do some work, so that took up a good piece of the day and gave me a reason to put on pants 👖

My ‘vented’ pants were purchased at a boutique in Poland and my shirt is from the local Italian market. I scooped up these Adidas street sneaks while back in the states. Comfy casual.


Some of todays eats- I love eggs. I eat them at least twice a day, and sometimes that is my only protein source all day. Todays lunch was eggs and asparagus (along with oatmeal and more coffee ☕️) and an early afternoon meal was also eggs, with sautéed peppers and avocado.I stuffed my face with an entire bag of broccoli (4 cups) this afternoon. I felt so hungry, and it wasn’t due to food deprivation, it was just cravings, so as I tell my clients, “stuff your belly with volume.”

Because I will be traveling this weekend, I spent my afternoon getting ahead homework 📚.

Now, for dinner I will be cooking up some chicken, broccoli and sweet potato- to be followed with a pro-yo bowl and and episode of Lost.

Happy hump-day y’all!

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