☕️💞☕️💞☕️ Good morning y’all!

I started my morning with coffee and cardio. I really wanted to head back to the gym today, but I have been feeling a little discomfort under my right breast yesterday and this morning. I decided to play it safe, and once again stick to only cardio today (by this evening I had no pain or discomfort, so I will be back at it tomorrow- I am pretty sure it was just typical muscle soreness, but better to rest another day to be certain;)


For breakfast: Oatmeal and eggs topped with avocado spread, apple slices and a green smoothie🌱


I literally spent my entire day working on an eight page paper. I am flooded with finals this week, but it just means that my load is about to lighten😊


I took a lunch break and had kale sautéed in coconut oil with spicy tuna, followed with a bowl of protein ice-cream 🍨


I managed to get in some girly maintenance while sitting at the computer, and this evening I finally painted these paws. My sister turned me on to this gel polish and it is amazing!!! (miss you sister 👭).

For dinner I had eggs, asparagus, and oatmeal and an evening pro-yo bowl


Now for an episode of Lost and to call it a night 😴

Happy Tuesday!!! 💋

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