the weekend-

Good Morning Y’all! 

An early Saturday morning on the patio with breakfast, coffee and a good magazine. Basically, the calm before the storm…

And then…

This depicts my entire weekend! Finals-Finals-Finals.
I had a total of seven papers that were all a required 8-10 pages (some even more). I am thorough (actually a bit OCD) when it comes to writing, so it is an event. But..Hallelujah, it is over and now I only have two classes remaining to finish out the semester!

I literally left my house one time throughout the weekend 👖

I did some food prep on Saturday morning to keep me on track throughout the weekend. Stress is a big trigger for me when it comes to overindulgence with food, so knowing this allows me to prepare in advance during times that I know will create stress and anxiety. This type of relationship with food is normal for a lot of people. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when you aren’t aware of it and binging or overeating is a result, then it can become a problem.  So a tip, if you find yourself overeating during times of stress, prepare for it. Granted, most stressful times are unpredictable, but during those times when you know it will be stressful (finals week at school), prepare in advance.


While I didn’t get to the gym this weekend, I did pull myself away from working every few hours to hop on the eliptical for some cardio.


Food Snippets…


Now it is 2 am, finals are complete, clients are checked in and I am hitting the sack 😴

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