Good morning! Lets get this week going ☕️

Cardio to start the day-


Followed with a trip to town for a grocery haul-

I went to an Italian Superstore for groceries today. I wasn’t as thrilled with the frozen vegetable selection as the one in town, but they have Shirataki noodles!! 🍵

Lunch was photo-worthy🍔


I spent my evening slumming it up on the patio – the weather is perfect☀️

I made it to the gym for a late night shoulder session:
I began with rowing for a warm-up followed with laterals and rear delt work.
I ended with an intense WOD:
•Wall Balls
•Kettlebell Swings
•Box Jumps

Now to watch some Lost and call it a day.
It was a good day to start the week- Happy Monday 💋

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