Good Morning ☕️💋


Breakfast this morning was so incredible: Quinoa, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes sprayed with olive oil and sprinkled with parsley🌱Delicious!


I was looking like a true American today in my baseball tee, Buckle jeans and Chucks👖👟 #sobasic


I made a trip to one of my favorite ‘one stop shoppes’ today. It has a little bit of everything, literally everything. I scooped up some toiletries, laundry detergent and dish tabs- God how exciting, I know! 😝


Today’s Lunch 😍

I gave myself a little mini mani and pedi at home this evening. These phalanges are really in need of some professional TLC though!

I made myself giggle when I shopping for nail color. I couldn’t decide which color was best and all I could hear was my husband in my head, “my God, they’re all the same!” 😂 Um, no they’re not hunnie.


Well, now to call it a day and watch some of RuPaul’s Drag Race (I’m obsessed!!) 👑👠💄

Goodnight! Happy Tuesday 💋

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