Good Morning Queens!💞

I started my morning out on the patio with breakfast 🍴eggs and oatmeal.


and then coffee in hand, I was headed to the gym. Today’s workout focused on this peach🍑

I had some running around town to do and it was really chilly with an overcast today ⛅️ so I kept it comfy in my jeggings and chucks 👖👟

While playing in the mirror this afternoon, my hair was feeling blah and a bit flat, so I  grabbed my shears, went in, and point cut the s#!t out of this wig 💇


This evening I packed up my summer clothes to make room for jackets and sweaters. I think warm weather is officially behind us here in Italy ❄️

The highlight of my day was skyping with my mama. We gabbed for a good hour and half, and now I’m head into the weekend like…

❤️ my mama is the cutest! I miss her and love her so so much❤️ (hi mommy, of course she reads my blogs😘).

Now to pile up for the night with a bowl of protein ice-cream and Netflix 🍧

Happy Friday Y’all 💋

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