Good Morning Beauties 💋

I had absolutely nothing to do today, besides squeeze a workout in somewhere,  so I spent a good amount of my morning lounging, drinking coffee and browsing houses online 🏠 (all the excitement).

For breakfast I had an egg white and spinach omelette with turkey sausage and avocado.

After lunch (grilled chicken, sweet potato, green beans and peppers), I took a stroll down the street to grab a few groceries to get me through the weekend.

Nothing fancy here- under armor yogis, a Nike bomber and CrossFit Kevlars.

For my Pre-Workout meal I had eggs and cherry tomatoes with oatmeal.

This evening’s workout consisted of:

• Quad Work (leg extensions, front squats, forward lunges)
Followed With:
• Hang Power Cleans
• Thrusters
• Air Squats

Post-Workout I had a pasta bowl the size of my head (gluten-free pasta, olive oil and cherry tomatoes) with a double serving of asparagus🌱


The rest of my evening I checked in with clients and did some more lounging 🙂

Happy Saturday!! 💛

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