Good Morning 💋 Lets get this week going!!


Today was a cardio only day, so that is how I began my morning.
Breakfast to follow was asparagus and cherry tomatoes sautéed in coconut oil with egg whites.

Most of my day was spent speaking broken Italian with the plumber working on my hot water heater 😝

For lunch I had a turkey burger on toasted Ezekiel with zucchini and sautéed onions. So good!


My afternoon was spent doing homework 📚

Study Break-Selfie Montage 😏

After dinner (chicken, eggplant and asparagus)…

I loaded up my hampers and took a trip to the laundry mat on base (my washer has now decided to shit the bed 😩). I came home and was stoked to finally run a bath and relax … well, my hot water once again wasn’t working. Oh dear Lord. I decided to cry a bit, cuss a little and eat my emotions through a bowl of protein ice-cream 🍧.

Now to go to bed and create a vision of a better day 💖

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