Good Morning💗

I dove immediately into the coffee this morning and was on the phone yet again with the plumber, practicing my Italiano.

After a couple of hours, my hot water was finally working and I took a swim in the bathtub for a good hour (ahhhhhh) 💦

I had a loaded breakfast this morning on the patio ☀️  Eggs, potatoes, peppers and onions with a green smoothie


I worked online for a while, had lunch (a turkey and cheese toasted sandwich with green beans and potatoes)…


and then got out and about for a sports bra shopping session 😁

todays look: 3 day old crunchy hair 💁 old navy yogis, Italian leather riding boots and an oversized, off the shoulder sweater from H&M 

I managed to find a few sports bras, and put one to the test for a gym session this evening…


Post-workout I had low-fat chocolate milk followed with dinner: a turkey burger, sweet potato and zucchini 🍗🍠🌱


Now to wrap up the evening with another bath 💦 a bowl of protein ice-cream🍨 and some Netflix.

Happy Tuesday Y’all 💗💋

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