Good Morning 💗


I immediately had breakfast after waking (eggs and oatmeal), followed with an interval training session at home.

I had a dentist appointment this morning, so I was up and going earlier than usual…
I was running late so I was forced to wear whatever was wrinkle free. I felt like a school teacher 😝 Thankfully my shirt was fairly sheer so it gave me a little bit of edge, but I felt very Megyn Kelly (not my favorite style choice).



I came home and had lunch (a toasted turkey sub with green beans).


and then I headed back out to grab groceries for the weekend- but not without putting on something black first 👢.

I spent my wild and crazy Friday evening playing with lipstick💄. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved red lips💋 When you hear, “I get it from my mama,” this couldn’t hold more truth!

For dinner, I had the same exact meal that I had for lunch, and each snack today consisted of oatmeal 😳 I had better hit legs with a vengeance tomorrow after this carb loaded day!

I hope you all have had an amazing day! Happy Friday!!

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