Hello Weekend 💋


Good Morning y’all ☕️ My day started out with coffee and cardio followed with an egg and tomato omelette.

I had a school project that I worked on the entire first half of the day and the afternoon was spent Skyping with clients. My first client check-in of the day was mid-conditioning treatment 😝 It helps that were friends and she was in pajamas too 💗

Todays lunch was a grilled chicken patty with eggplant followed with a bowl of protein ice-cream🍧


I managed to get in a shoulder session this afternoon followed with a MetCon:
4 Rounds for time:
● 10 Push Press
● 15 Air Squats
● 20 Push Ups
● 25 AMSU’s
● 30 Mountain Climbers

Today’s Snap Filters were Halloween-weekend worthy 😈 I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in a few years being overseas, but you better believe next year (being back in the states), that will change!

Tonights dinner: Turkey wraps, eggplant and cherry tomatoes
(followed with an oatmeal bowl the size of my head 🍚)

This evening I am binging on Netflix, Pinterest and Protein Ice-Cream 🍨

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 6.37.52 AM.png

Happy Saturday!!!! 💜

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