Good Morning 💜

I started my day off like most Sunday mornings, slowly. I lounged around in my pjs for a while as I had my first 2 cups of coffee to get the day going ☕️☕️


I mixed up a green smoothie🌱 coconut water, spinach, pineapple and chia seeds to nourish this bod with the essential vitamins…

…to be followed up with a cardio session 😅

I had plans to meet up with one of my girlfriends around noon for coffee and chit-chat. I looked at the clock and frantically, I was throwing clothes around the room trying to get dressed- I totally forgot about the time change 😳 Its different here in Italy compared to the states, so Im always clueless. You would think after 3 years, I would have learned by now, nope.
So, it gave me time to relax and fix a bite of lunch.

Yes, that is a side of oatmeal with green beans and chicken. I wanted a starchy side, but Im out of rice, quinoa and potatoes, so oats it was 😝. Hey, food is fuel, I don’t mind 😉


I kept it basic and comfy today: worn out skinnys, a plain black long sleeve tee from H&M, an oversized sweater from a local boutique, some coach street sneaks, and an oversized scarf that a friend of my moms gave me in a bag of clothes while back in the states (thanks Ms. Ann🙏).


No filter V/S. filter. I sure do love a filters airbrush and contouring though 💜


After my day date with my girlfriend (we had a fabulous venti cappuccino☕️), I took a trip to the grocery for sweet potatoes and quinoa and once again, those .10 cent leftover pumpkin seed rolls from Saturday got me once again 😉 So delicious!
So for dinner I had turkey on a pumpkin seed roll with brussels🌱

The rest of my evening was spent working on clients programs for the week, protein ice-cream (🍨🍧) and Rupaul💗


Happy Sunday you all!!! Create a vision today of a wonderful week ahead, full of blessings and productivity 💖💋

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