Good Morning 💋 Its time to head into a new week and own it…


My morning began with a cardio session-
Beginning the day with cardio revs up the body’s metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories throughout the day.

For breakfast I had eggs, oats, apples and oranges 🍎🍊

After breakfast I was out the door running errands…

This afternoon I prepped some greens for the next couple of days 🌱


Todays workout was suppose to focus solely on lower body, but I began my workout with Hang Power Cleans to get the blood flowing and they felt so good I kept it going:
● Hang Power Cleans 10/ 10/ 10
● Power Cleans 8/ 8 /8
● Cleans 5/ 5/ 5
then into lower body work:
● Smith Reverse Lunges
● BB Good Mornings
● Lying Hamstring Curls
● Weighted Glute Bridges
and ended with 30:00 of steady state cardio

My favorite part of stellar workouts in the off-season, Chocolate Milk for a post-workout!! 💙

For dinner tonight: a turkey burger, sweet potato and broccoli.

Now it is time to pile up with a bowl of protein ice-cream 🍧 and watch some Netflix. Good night y’all!

Happy Monday 💋

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