Good Morning!! A new month always comes with new challenges and purposes for us. It is my heart’s desire that we all defeat the challenges and be successful and happy ❤️. We have 2 months remaining in this year, so if its been a bad year, you have 61 days to turn it around and make it a good year!! Happy New Month, make it count!

I began the day with a glass full of micro-nutritnets. A green drink full of vitamin A, C, E & K


Breakfast was eggs and oatmeal topped with berries 🍓


I decided to take a trip to the mall today and see whats in store for the fall season🍁🍃🍂

Today was Italian leather weather👢 My husband got me this biker jacket last winter from my favorite boutique and every single time I wear it I just feel fierce🔥 I am obsessed with European fashion❤️


I really wanted to grab sushi while at the mall, but it is an all you can eat sushi restaurant (and today is an off day), so to avoid the temptation of going overboard, I decided to take it back home for lunch: Tuna on a wheat roll, a side salad topped with yogurt dressing and orange pepper slices🌱


This evening I sat on the patio and watched the sun go down. I am so blessed that I have had the experience of seeing this beautiful world ❤️ una bella vista italiana…


Tonight’s dinner…

Now, for the rest of the evening I will be trying my best to finish the final few episodes of Lost (meh, I barely even know whats going on anymore).

Happy Hump-Day and Happy November 💋

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