Good Morning Queens 👑

I began my morning with coffee and greens🌱and then out the door I went.

Today’s run around attire: Puma, Puma, Puma

I cleaned out my closets yesterday and had 3 bags of give-away clothes, so I loaded up my trunk and took those to one of my girlfriends and stole her shop-vac to vacuum out my car (that’s on tomorrow’s agenda).

I came home and had some lunch…

… and then I was off to the gym.
Today’s workout was accessory work that focused on the glute/ham tie-in 🍑
● Cardio Warm-Up
● Cable Kickbacks
● BB Good-Mornings
● Lying Hamstring Curls
● BB Glute Bridges
● BB Wide Stance Pulse Squats
● Bulgarian Split Lunges
● Bosu Ball Single Glute Bridges

After the gym I had running around to do, so I grabbed a chocolate milk for a post-workout snack.

When I finally got back home, I was starving- Here are some snips of today’s eats…

Now its time for my 2nd bowl of protein ice-cream for the day 🍧 to be followed with some Netflix on this wild and crazy Friday night!

Happy Friday 💋

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