Good Morning dolls 💋
You can believe that my heart was full of joy this morning, waking up with my husband back in the bed with me ❤️

After lounging around a good part of the morning, we decided to finally get up and face the day. Breakfast was a protein drink and oatmeal (literally the only foods in my house) and of course coffee ☕️.


Being that we are so close to moving back to the states, my husband sold his car before his deployment, so we are now sharing our one car.  He had running around to do for his return, so I got a drop off at the gym for a lifting session. I worked back today mixed with some light hamstring  work. After the gym, a much needed grocery store trip was on the agenda, but not before having a post-workout meal at Burger King 👑 I had a plain egg and sausage burrito with black coffee (280 calories).


At the grocery store I scored a sweet deal on these chicken flatbreads for $1.25 for a box of two – served with a side salad, it makes a perfect meal.

A couple of snips of todays snaps..


This afternoon we took a trip to our favorite wine bar, but unfortunately, its the only day of the week that it opens only late in the evening, so we headed to BEFeD. It is a local place that serves rotisserie chicken and brews their own beer. We had a  Birra Rossa Bock a Dunkler Bock beer by BEFeD.


After- we walked over to another local spot Weiss Bar where we had a mixer before heading to our favorite pizza joint, grabbed a 4-formaggio pizza and headed home to indulge in a cheat for the week 🍕


The rest of the evening will be couch cuddles and movies💗

Happy Tuesday!!

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