Good Morning ☕️

This pretty much sums up most of my day. I had no place to be and no responsibilities today, so I spent most of my time piled up on Pinterest, pinning house decor ideas. I did manage to pull myself out of bed to spruce up our apartment a bit. Our landlords are supposed to pop in tomorrow for an inspection, so we can begin our moving process. It is so exciting!!

Breakfast this morning was and egg sandwich on a sesame seed roll and coconut water.

I got in a cardio session mid-day but took off from lifting. I had someone ask me what my weight is right now, and I honestly couldn’t tell them. I have only stepped on the scale one time since my show (4 months ago) and that was when I was back in the states. I haven’t tracked a single macro since then either. I keep my foods clean and allow for 1-2 cheats a week. I needed a break mentally and I will continue this approach until we move and get settled- that will be just before the new year, so its been the perfect opportunity to take a break.


After cardio, I showered and put my pajamas right back on and piled back up in my cozy bed. I love these days 💗


Happy Hump-Day


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