Good Morning 💋

My husbands schedule has had him waking up early, so we were awake around 4 am this morning. That meant lots of coffee for me ☕️☕️☕️.
For breakfast I had a green smoothie, eggs and brown rice.

We were out and about soon after, furniture shopping. Our sofa is handmade white Italian leather, and we are in search of a chase lounge that matches to carry back to the states with us.

I took a snip of today’s look and had to shamelessly plug my new black diamond💍 The only good that comes from a deployed husband on your anniversary❤️.


For lunch we grabbed sushi. It was so amazing!! I have been crazing sushi for weeks!!

I had another green smoothie this evening full of coconut water. The soy sauce (which is a must-have) with sushi dehydrates me so so bad, so a quick-fix for hydration is coconut water…

For our evening we are watching movies and dinner is a “healthy” chicken pizza 🍕.
Happy Friday!!! 

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