Good Morning Dolls 💋

I began my morning with a cardio session followed up with peach-mango coconut water💧.

For breakfast I had proats. Basically, any source of protein added to oats for volume. I used liquid egg whites. Simply add egg whites to oatmeal and pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes, stir and add some water and cook another minute and then top with hot sauce 🔥

After breakfast I put on real clothes #basic …


I got these earrings and just flipped one of the M’s upside down for Wesley. Corny? Maybe, but I just adore him 😉 You will also notice that I have only one diamond in. This is because I lost the other one last year. I was absolutely devastated because it was the first set of jewelry that my husband ever got for me, but one is better than none 😉

I rode with my husband to his work for him to do a couple of things- I got bored and I found things laying around his office 😝

By the time we made it back home I was starving, but I knew we had plans for the evening, so I needed to keep my lunch time meal clean🌱 Chicken on a pumpkin seed roll, asparagus, a few wheat crackers and hummus.

This evening our date night was to the movies 🎥 to see Daddy’s Home ll. It was funny and yes, I had half of a small popcorn, some whopper candies (meatballs, is what I called them as a kid), and a few sour cherries🍒. Yummy. 

Now its time to call it a day🌛

Happy Saturday💋

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