Good Morning!! 💖


I began my morning like most, with coffee ☕️ followed with greens 🌱
This morning’s green smoothie was a pre-workout mix: spinach, coconut water, chia seeds, and liquid egg whites.


Todays workout focused on the glutes & hams. It was a light/moderate weighted workout, but with minimal rest. Each set was a tri-set and there was no rest between any of the movements. I followed up with 15:00 of cardio.

My intra-workout drink lately has been a mix of orange gatorade, coconut water, amino energy and beta alanine.


Following the gym, my husband took me out shopping a bit. We are still in search of a chase lounge to match with our sofa. We did pick up a 15 gallon demijohn however, that will look awesome with our Italian decor.

Once back home, I fixed myself some lunch: zucchini, onions, chicken and rice all cooked in olive oil with a side of wheat crackers and hummus.

My evening consisted of client check-ins and programming. It was a good day 🙂 I am excited for the week ahead💜

Happy Sunday!!!!

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