Good Morning πŸ’‹



We were up early this morning- a couple of cups of coffee β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈ and a pre-workout breakfast to start the day.



Soon after we were headed to the gym for a full lower body workout.
● Leg extensions
● Single leg extensions
● BB Reverse Lunges
● Hack Squats
● Plie Squats
● Smith Squats


Today’s intra-workout drink: coconut water, Powerade and apple bcaas



After a shower and lunch, I was headed to the dentist for my very first teeth bleaching session, ever. I have always been so blessed with extremely white teeth (I get it from my mama, thanks mama 😁), but after wearing Invisalign retainers for 3 years, this was a nice final touch!


CHEEZE, haha, the pic on the left is actually my before picture, but afterwards, my teeth were quite sensitive (extremely actually😱)Β Β and keeping my mouth closed helped alleviate some of the sensitivity. So…post-bleaching pics to come πŸ˜‰


We had dinner plans with friends tonight, so I decided to put a fresh coat of paint on these paws.


We had sushi at Jin-Sushi in Sacile and took a stroll over to our favorite local joint, Bicycle Bar for a couple of mixers.


Now its almost midnight and its time for bed.


Happy Wednesday!


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