Good Morning dolls! Its Friday 💗


I literally didn’t leave my house today. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, my husband and I are sharing a car now that we are so close to departure, and he had a lot of running around to do today for work, so I opted to stay in.


I began my morning with coffee ☕️ and cardio💦


followed with breakfast..the basics: egg whites and oatmeal

I spent a good part of the day working on a new program layout. I will be opening up my client list for January and am super excited for this new approach to meal tracking!! 🍎


I took a lunch break which was my pre-workout meal: spicy tuna with mixed vegetables cooked in olive oil.


Today’s workout was completed using only the barbell, with high volume:
● High hang power cleans
● High hang power snatches
● Strict Presses

Post-workout was chicken on a sesame roll with an entire bag of broccoli🌱


My evening continued with programming and writing recipes. 
Now to pile up, eat some pro-yo and snuggle with this handsome man in my bed 😉

Happy Friday you all!!!! 💋

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