Back to the Grind…

Good Morning y’all.

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!


We spent ours having lunch at our favorite local joint, BeFeds. We had an invite to have Thanksgiving with some friends, but we had just got back from Rome, my cabinets were bare and the last thing I wanted to do was head to the market and whip up a pan of chicken and dressing or sweet potato casserole (the only 2 dishes that I can make that are worthy 😉). So we decided to stay in and spend it at home.

Rome was absolutely a blast. We went with no plan (except for a tattoo). I said when we moved to Italy that I wanted to get a Roman numeral tattoo in Rome, so thats what we did 🇮🇹.


Other than tattoos, we did lots of walking around, beer sampling🍺 and pastry eating 🍞. It was a great trip!


This morning it was back to a normal routine. Coffee and Cardio ☕️ (a bit extra for the indulgences 😝)

After Breakfast🍴: Sweet potato, snap peas, zucchini and carrots sautéed in olive oil and a splash of soy sauce with an egg and avocado…


we went shopping around a bit…


We finally found a chase lounge to match our couch. I also scored a few little extras 💛


Dinner was followed with a relaxing evening at home watching Netflix.

Happy Friday!! 

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