Good Morning! 


We got our day started around 8:00 this morning with breakfast: Eggs, oatmeal and avocado. We were at the gym by 10:00 and I had a pretty solid workout to get this Monday going.

5 Rounds for time:
• 10 Box Jumps
• 15 KB Swings
• 10 Overhead Squats

Followed with:
• Leg Extensions
• Single Leg Extensions
• BB Good Mornings
• Lying Hamstring Curls
• BB Glute Bridges
• Single Hamstring Curls


Post-Workout Fuel: Low-Fat Milk on the drive home, soon followed with brown rice, brussels sprouts and sun-dried tomatoes cooked in olive oil with chicken and avocado.

On the drive back from the gym, we realized there was an antique market downtown, so after lunch we took a stroll to see what we could find. I scored 2 books that are based on the town we live in, Sacile – they will make for great coffee table books 📖 and what I am so excited for…my husband got me this vintage Gucci clutch 👛❤️.

For the afternoon, I organized. Our movers will be here next week to move our things. They actually pack everything for us, so we literally don’t have to do a thing, but I have to decide what to keep out and have it separate. We are both allowed two 70-Pound bags each to take with us; but, when you really think about it, it is hard to live out of suitcases for 2-3 months. We won’t know an exact date of when our belongings will arrive stateside, so we have to be prepared to get by with the minimum for a good while. For my husband, this is easy, but us girls know that shoes alone take up one bag, clothes another, and hair, make-up and accessories need a space of their own as well 😧 For times like this, the fact that I dress in completely neutral colors comes in handy. You can create a good 100 different looks on 20-30 staple pieces.

The rest of my evening will consist of client check-ins, programming and getting ready for the week ahead. It is going to be an amazing week 🙏

Happy Sunday!

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