Good Morning ❤️


Its a new week, make it count!! It’s end of the year and this is the time when people gain more weight than any other time of year. Its begins at Halloween and slowly increases from there. Thanksgiving indulgences are followed up with holiday parties and end of year gatherings. Its ok to give in here and there, but be mindful and conscious of your “cheats.” Also, don’t get in the “screw it” mindset and tell yourself that you will just “go-hard” in the new year. Allow yourself some freedom when it comes to your diet, but don’t let this crossover into your training. Keep up your intensity in each workout and adding a little extra cardio doesn’t hurt either 😉

My morning began as usual with coffee and cardio, followed up with a pre-workout breakfast: Fat-free refried beans, bell peppers and an egg, all topped with hot sauce🔥



My workout was a full upper body home workout today.



After lunch: Eggplant, chicken and an egg- I prepped some greens for tomorrow🌱



This evening Wesley and I headed to our favorite wine spot in the city and shared a bottle of Prosecco and had some hors d’oeuvres. Now were piled up and its time for bed.  It was a great day to begin the week ❤️

Happy Monday! 

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