Good Morning y’all ❤️ We’re halfway through the week and time is flying by! I cannot believe by this time next week we will be living out of suitcases and hotels for the next 2 months!



I definitely have had my share of caffeine over the last couple of days ☕️☕️☕️. I have been non-stop organizing and trying to get things in order. Wesley ran around all day today and yesterday getting our last bit of paperwork completed for our move and I stayed in and tried my best to sort through all of the necessities to pack, and differentiate what I can and can’t live without for a couple of months.

I did manage to squeeze in some workouts in my home gym and snuck out a couple of times for coffee ☕️


I emailed with some potential clients that are ready to get started on a program for the new year and hit goals 💪. I have had an amazing client list this year and I hope to continue with individuals that are motivated and determined throughout 2018!

Here are two of my girls that keep each other accountable💪💪 (with their 1/2 gallons 😂💦).

The next couple of days will probably be just as hectic and this weekend we plan on taking some time out to relax with friends 👭👫

Happy Hump-Day!!!

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